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Welcome to the K F L Online

The KFL, Kids Football League, began in the summer of 1993. The Game was Justen and Jason against Adam and Andy. Justen and Jason dominated the game, and won by a significant amount. This game brought up the idea of a league between the two teams. This league lasted for about two weeks before ending...

...Two years later, the two teams played another game, where Justen and Jason won again. The four guys decided to name the league. They called it the KFL.

Realizing they needed names, Jason and Justen took the obvious Wolverines as their name. Adam and Andy became the Wildcats, since they were on the Ann Arbor Wildcats soccer team, and were both wearing their shirts during one of the games. Then the players got mixed around, and four more teams were created. The Gators, Jason and Adam, the Spartins, Justen and Adam, the Seminoles, Jason and Andy, and the Bulldogs, Justen and Andy.

In 1995, The first ever playoffs were held. The Wolverines went undefeated and won the Rose Bowl. In 1996, the Wolverines went undefeated again winning their 2nd consecutive Rose Bowl over the #2 Wildcats. In 1997, Brenden Held was hired into the league. He made three more teams, and all of them played terribly. The Wolverines went undefeated again with a record of 11-0, and Brenden Held was officially fired. In 1998, with the addition of Chris Krause, the playoffs had 9 teams. The Longhorns, Jason and Chris, played in the qualification round. They were #9 playing the #8 Gators, Jason and Adam. The Longhorns won, and entered the playoff bracket, facing off against the #1 Seed Hurricanes, Justen and Chris. The Hurricanes won that game. In the first round the two oldest teams, the Wolverines and the Wildcats were knocked out. The Wolverines suffered their first loss after 5 years to the Huskies. The Hurricanes went on to play the Spartins in the Rose Bowl where the Hurricanes won. In 1999 the only games were the four of the BCS, and two other bowls.

1999 Bowl Games

The Teams