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JT's Blue '90

This is JT's '90 Festiva. His dad did the paint job, and helped him with some of the other work. Since he's had it, JT has added tinted windows, black pin stripes, headlight covers, sunroof, spoiler, hood scoop, raised suspension, and 15 inch rims with lo pro tires. Needless to say, JT takes great pride in his car. Drop him a line, and let him know what you think of his car. You can e-mail him at Meanwhile, take a look at the other pics of his ride.

Here's a passenger side shot of Justin's car. You can see the spoiler a little better in this one. Also, look at the Ford logo on the side of the hood scoop.
Here's a head on shot. This is what you would see in your rear view mirror when Justin is fast approaching your car.
Here's aclose up shot of the count'em 15 inch rims that this 90 rolls on.
Here's a good shot of the back of JT's car.
Here's JT's personal web page.