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Jamie's Chopped '88 LX

This is Jamie's '88 LX. Very stealth with the flat black paint job on it. He purchased this car for $75, and has had no problems with it so far. After chopping it up, he painted the whole thing including the wheels, exhaust, and visable suspension parts. Since then he's added white racing stripes, a sweet sound system, fog lamps, and a horn that plays La Cucaraccha, and the Duke's of Hazard theme. That's got to be a blast to ride in. Drop Jamie a line, and let him know what you think of his ride. You can e-mail him at Take a look at the other pics of the car below.

Here's a side shot. You can get a good look at the missing top.
Here's a rear shot. You can see the tail gate has been welded on, and the hatch cover is still being used.