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Intrapersonal Intelligence

Intrapersonal Intelligence or "The Individual" has the keen understanding of oneself. It is their desires, strengths, weaknesses and how to operate on the self-model. They focus inwards on feelings and dreams. They like working alone and following their instincts as well as pursuing their own interests and goals. They focus inward and may often be deemed as someone who marches to the beat of a different drummer. It is whom we are, what we are, and why we are that way. A strong intrapersonal intelligence can lead to self-esteem, self-enhancement, and a strength of character that can be used to solve internal problems.

Characteristics include:

The intrapersonal intelligence individual may find a career in areas such as a poet, artist, photographer, or therapist and counselor.

Famous People:

Students may enjoy using/doing programs that include tutorials, self-packets or paced programs, games that the opponent is the computer, that encourages self-awareness or build self-improvement skills, and anything that allows a student to work independently. These students need space for solitude and time alone to work on special interest projects such as poetry, artwork, collection or even thinking.

Keywords include: metacognition, self-reflection, thinking strategies, emotional processing, self knowledge, mindfulness, focus and concentration, higher-order reasoning, complex guided, imagery, and centering. This intelligence is activated when a person utilizes self-reflection and thinking to accomplish something.

Here are some ideas for activating this intelligence:

Click on a Link for FUN Instructional Applications for the Classroom, Fantasy writing activities and lessons., use this “shyness quiz” to open up a classroom dialog., students will explore the concept of peer relationships, and be introduced to strategies, which will enable them to make friends, avoid bullies, and overcome shyness.