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How to Make Alcohol from Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers

Every alcohol-producing raw material belongs to one of three groups: starches, sugars, or cellulose. The end product is always glucose (simple sugar), which yeast can convert to alcohol.

Sugar crops give a greater yield per acre than starch crops. Processing includes squeezing the juice out of stalks of plants, or leaching it from their tubers.

This syrup must be sterilized to discourage contamination. Before adding the yeast, you must adjust the sugar concentration to 18% (using a saccharometer).


  1. Prepare: Slice or crush; add 10 gallons water per 100 pounds, or as little as possible.
  2. Cook: Raise temperature to 190F for 20 minutes; agitate.
  3. Culture: Reduce temperature to 90F; add yeast; agitate 10 minutes; cover.

Results: 7% alcohol.

Note: yeast food added to the yeast increases alcohol content.

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