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Finally updated my pages again.  Got in close to 25 DVDs since the new year, and I added them to the New DVD list, so if you don't find them in their regular spot on the DVD pages, check there.  I think I managed to include all the DVDs I got, but I'm sure I forgot some.
Organized my Audio as well so I should update that page soon.  Close to 200 shows in Audio that I will add eventually.
School started so B & Ps will be very rare now, especially since this semester is probably going to be my hardest semester out of the all 3 and a half years I've been in college.  I'll still do trades, because I can't resist, but my B & P offers will be extremely few and far between.

Finally updated my status page, as well as my DVD list.
Finished the New DVD Page, so the link should work.
Added many DVDs to the list, 4 Radiohead, 2 U2, 2 DMB, a DM solo, a D&T, a Nirvana, and 2 Perfect Circle.
I have many trades out so I'll be receiving a lot of DVDs within the next week or so.
Also sent out my tapes to have a few DVDs made of some video I captured from some of my concerts this year, looking forward to that.

Received another Radiohead DVD from Josh Peterson, also sent off quite a few packages for some B & Ps for myself.
Look for some interesting things to be coming in soon.
Also still awaiting my package from John Canzona with the 9-1-95 DMB DVD, the tree is running slow until them.

Received some DVDs from Josh Peterson, updated the pages as well.

Added the Incoming DVDs page, and updated a few of the DVD pages.
Its the simplest, easiest (laziest) design, but it gets the job done!

Updated my website, hope its a little easier to read.
Separated the DVDs in A-M, Dave Matthews (related), and N-Z.
Also will soon put up my top 10 favorite DVDs
Trying to find source information for all of my DVDs to link them.

Recieved 7 DMB DVDs from a wonderful trader: Crumbo.