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Welcome! - Students and Writers

Matthew Rhys Sypniewski, BA/MA - Instructor of English. Graduate of Eastern Michigan University.

The English Department

Word processing skills will assist students in the preparation of writing assignments.


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These are the other pages about my parents and my interests in genealogy and history. I think you will find them very informative and interesting:

Native American Site...We Are All Related The Courtly Lives of Royals. Peerage, Saints, Knights, and Their Genealogy The Sypniewski Family The Crysler Family The New England Colonist's Web-Massachusetts Origins
... Courtly Lives of Scotland The Courtly Lives of Polish Kings. Nobles. Saints, Knights and Their Genealogy Germania: Exploring all things German The Order of St. Stanislasa charitable order

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Webmaster: Margaret Sypniewski has a Bachelors of Fine Arts, and is a member of the Clan Malcolm, P.G.S.A., and P.G.S.M.

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