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Eric 260b's Classical English Pages
Teaching College Skills in Technical/Creative Writing and Film

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PLEASE NOTE THIS DISCLAIMER: These pages are part of a series of award-winning pages on various subjects. These pages are devoted to writing, both technical and creative, and telecommunications and film. There are links to history, genealogy, and heraldry. This is my personal website and has no connection with any other organization or group.

Some immature individuals have spammed my mail boxes and guestbooks with garbage, so these contacts have been removed.

I can, in no way, be held responsible for links off my own site, as people move pages and update frequently. People often add or delete material on their pages. I have no control over what they do. I do however, check links every 6 months or every semester, depending on my schedule, and update. Surf in safety.

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Schoolcraft College Classes I Teach

Introduction to Film:

I will be teaching Introduction to Film now and again.

History of Writing and English/Writing Links

Writing Types

Writing Helpers

  • USA Travel Links (presently being updated)
  • Mexican Travels under construction.....
  • Summer Festivals see us again when spring begins. Many people submit festivals to this page, and all are in the driving area of SW Michigan. Most of these activities occur in the summer months.

My Favorite Sport - Fencing

Wild Wild West






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