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Introduction to Film
Taught Prof. Matthew Rhys Sypniewski, M.S., M.A.,


The photos on this page are dedicated to the "Monsters" of Universal Pictures. These posters were placed on easels in the lobby of each theater, where they we showing. They were extremely popular films at their premier and for many years after. These old black and white thrillers are still considered classics today. Of course, there have been many new versions of these films over the years. This genre rarely brings in Academy Awards, but people still love them.


Since I studied telecommunications and film in college, and since I am a full-fledged film fan and collector, I was pleased to get the opportunity to teach another class in Introduction to Film for the Winter Semester. I have studied film theory, film creation, film critique, and film genre so I feel this class and I are meant for each other.

I plan to work on web pages identifying all the ins and outs of filming around the world. So far I am searching for viable links to help the students of "film as art" identify the major film making giants of the world.

Universal's Bride of Frankenstein (1935) is considered the best of the Frankenstein movies. Elsa Lancaster stars as the bride of Boris' Karloff's monster. She also starred in The Secret Life of Henry VII (1933) starring her real life husband, Charles Laughton. Elsa played Anne of Cleves. Elsa also sang "Bawdy Ballads" which we quite popular albums in her time. Elsa's remarkable sense of humor was exibited in both films. In both, she was the wife of rather disturbed husbands.

Frankenstein (1931) won an Academy Award. Boris Karloff made the monster come "alive." He had to wear a costume that was extremely difficult to wear and made him have back problems because of its weight. The following year he made The Mummy (see below)


The Mummy starred Boris Karloff. Boris was type-cast after this movie. He made other mummy and Frankenstein movies through the years.

Bela Lugosi was the first "talkie" version of the never-ending list of Dracula movies. The first was Nosferatu. Lugosi's version was made in 1931. Many think Bela Legosi was the best Dracula. Perhaps this was because of his distinctly Hungarian accent? Vampire legends were based on the real historical figure known as Vlad Tepes, Prince of Wallachia. Vlad had the habit of impaling anyone who got in his way or made him angry. He was the ruler of Romania. Vlad had a cousin named Elizabeta Bathory. Elizabeta was named the "Blood Countess" since she bathed in the blood of virgin girls. Thus Bela's accent made him the most believable Count Dracula. Bella was certainly not the best-looking
or the youngest man to play a vampire.

There were a few "hot" Draculas portrayed by Frank Langella, Louis Jordan, or George Hamilton. George's comic classic Love at First Bite is a fun movie. Artie Johnson's Renfield is a real scene stealer in the Hamilton film.

This film was a Tom Browning production with Bela Lugosi, David Manner, Helen Chandler, and Dwight Frye.

The Phantom of the Opera debuted in 1943. The original movie starred Nelson Eddy, Suzanna Foster, Claude Rain, and Edgar Barrier. Today this is one of the most popular musicals based on the musical version by Andrew Lloyd Webber. I personally saw this musical in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.



Course #200
Section number 141416
Credit Hours - 4
Meeting time: from 6:00-9:54 p.m. on Thursdays
Room: LA470 Term of Class: Winter from 1/13/07 through 5/4/07.
There is a $10.00 fee for this class.

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Book Used in this course:

Giannetti, Louis. Understanding Movies (Tenth Edition). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2005.

This book was picked by Schoolcraft, not me. It is an overview of various types of films.


Film Class Helpers and Links:

I used to love the Swashbuckler Movies from an early age. Here are some links to famous fencers of movies, etc.

Famous Movie Swashbucklers 1 ..... Famous Movie Swashbucklers 2

Famous Movie Swashbucklers 3

The Wolfman debuted in 1941. Today there are many books on werewolves and movies such as An American Werewolf in London have been extremely popular over the years. Lon Chaney played in the original movie. Brotherhood of the Wolf was made in France and it is an excellent thriller, even though the wolves are wild wolves, not werewolves.

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