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How Dateline Works

First you need to really want to meet someone. Reason being is that you have a higher chance with a 1-900 line than you do in a single's bar. And our line caters to all sorts of people.

Next you call the 1-900 number and extension and choose from the different options. Remember you are in control. If you want to do the choosing then just listen to personal recordings that interest you. If you would like to be chosen then leave your own voice personal.

You'll never have to fight crowds at the clubs or spend your valuable time waiting to be picked up or looking for that perfect "one". For less than it costs for a Saturday night alone on the town you can make it happen on the Date Line !!!

Ten Terrific Dating Safety Tips

Dating safety is not a joke and everyone can benefit from reading these easy to follow safety procedures, to ensure your well being on or off a date.

Use the buddy system. There is safety in numbers. Group dates are less tense not to mention extremely safe.

Don't accept blind dates.

Never get in a car with someone you don't know. Always "meet" somewhere on the 1st date. Less romantic but much safer.

Never let a first time date know where you live. Again it sort of puts a damper on the romance but it could save you from stalkings and other unpleasantness.

Stay away from secluded beaches and other private "date" spots until you feel comfortable with them. Even if you're in a group, secluded areas are not recommended.

What ever you do don't give out personal info until you know that person well . This means address, social security number, bank card, etc. Height, weight (optional), likes and dislikes are okay.

Make sure at least one other person knows where, when, and who you will be with.

For first dates pick a time to call this other person and do so just to "check in" . This might remind you of high school but it could save your life.

Scope out the restaurant and know where the phones are located.

Bring extra change in case you find yourself stranded. (If you are following Rule 3. you won't need this rule.)

This is the most important rule. Go with your gut, if it doesn't feel right it probably isn't. Go home and rent a movie or call the Date Line but never do anything you don't feel is in your best interest.
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The Dating Sites Guide

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