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HEY...take a peek at this!! Some people who believe in being straight up with kids and always tell the truth, MOM AND LINDA, said my flashing welcome cool. So, I changed it....happy now?? Thanks for the advice but, geeze...gimme a break I'm

That's me....always smiling!!


Hi...welcome to my website. I'm Caleb and I'm 3 1/2 years old. My gramma is helping me make this webpage and we're both very new at this website stuff so, please bear with us while we learn. We hope to add lots of cool stuff soon. Please come back and visit us to see what we've added......and if we've figured out HOW to add stuff.

So,sit down, have a and enjoy!!!


Hi again...I turned 4 in April. Alot has happened lately and I hope to update my site real soon. My mom and I moved into a different house so, now I get to visit my gramma on her days off.What fun!! I miss living with her but, it's fun to stay all night and play. I hope you'll stop by again when I get the updates finished. HUGS!!!

Hi Everybody!!! Guess what?? I'm 5 years old now and I start school next Monday...GULP!!! I had a fun summer doing lots of stuff like camping with my family. I hope to get my gramma to help me update my website soon. We have lots of new pictures. Until then, thanks for dropping by...hope to see ya again soon. Love, Caleb


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I got many of my graphics from "Cool Archives"...check 'em out at their website!!

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