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*   How do I  know if the Bible is true…?

*   Where will the Battle of Armigeddon  take place ?

*   Why does God cause wars ?

*   Who is God  ? Is God Man or Woman ?

*   What is  the time frame that it will happen ?

*   When  will armagiddon begin  ?


How do I know if the Bible is True…?

The Bible is really a book of faith. You can choose to believe or not believe but before you decide, think about this. All the old testament is history, prophecy about the future ,and a glimpse of beyond.

1 st You could choose not to believe  the history of how America came into being , but that doesn’t change the fact that the history of America was written down for the knowledge of those born centuries later.

2 nd  All prophecies  of the Bible have come to pass with the exception of the rapture of the church, the tribulation period and the return of Jesus Christ  to intervene in the  destruction of mankind.

3 rd   It stands to reason that if the history part of the Bible is true, and the prophetic part has come to pass, then why wouldn’t the  future prophecies come to pass. The Bible is either all true or all a lie. I believe it to be all true and ask yourself what have you got to loose by trusting in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and gain eternal life versus ----no hope !


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Where ?

The battle of armageddon will take place in the valley of  Megiddo  which is on the north side of the valley of Jezreel and  north of Jerusalem. It begins with an invasion by Russia followed by China  and joined by many other countries. (This will happen after the anti-christ  sets himself  up in the temple to be worshiped as god !

(Check –Profile of the anti-christ  on this site)


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Why does God  cause wars ?

God does not cause wars , He  allows man to create their own wars because they choose not to obey Him.

But because of the lust for  wealth, power,  and world domination  these things are only foretold  to come to pass.


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Who is God ?  Is God  a Man or Woman ?

The truth is--- God is not a man or woman . God is Spirit  and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. God chose to reveal himself  to mankind in the person of Jesus Christ . There are many misunderstandings today  about God because people choose not to believe the truth of the Bible. God could have chosen  to reveal Himself in the form of a woman but He didn’t and there many that can’t accept that as truth . God did not create man to own women –but to be a life long partner  to help each other cope with the pitfalls that come in life. The pitfalls  come to everyone largely as  a test  whether they will follow  God’s will or their own will. (Choose you this day whom you will serve) Joshua 24:15   It’s God’s will for a man to assume his responsibilities as a loving husband, father and loving member of  he and his wife’s family. Assume his responsibilities in his community.  No God is neither man or woman ! God is Love  --not Lust !


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What is  the time frame it will happen ?

This  question is not an easy one and certainly cannot be answered  conclusive but according to my understanding of the scriptures , (and  the Bible says no man knows the day or hour)  I believe it is likely to happen  around the year 2007 . Watch what is happening  with Europe as that is where the anti-christ will come from. Watch for the 7 year treaty  with Israel and other  middle east  countries.


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When will  armagiddon  begin  ?

Arnagiddon  will begin after the church is raptured  (caught up) from the earth  and the anti-christ  appears on the world sceen  as a world leader.  He will (through deception) cause  everyone to choose  whether they will accept his mark (mark of the beast )  or they will not be able to live because of the inability to buy or sell  unless they receive  his mark. (check –profile of the anti-christ  and what I believe the number 666 means)

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