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Welcome message for 7-20-01

No updates recently! I haven't had enough time. I am taking a break, so maybe I will see you in the winter. For now, you can feed of my (litte) information... hehehe, but enjoy the links that have some real VB goodies. I am the HTML expert. P- Out!

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3-2-01 - GalaxyLander works continue with a new feature...!
I am superDUPER... (lol)... close to getting my chatroom up, then I can start working on the multiplayer version of GalaxyLander and its internet playability... right now I am just about to get the server chatroom up, so bear w/ me for new updates!

2-26-01 - Solar Empire!
I have started a new game! I am still working on GalaxyLander, but, my and my friend Rich are teaming up to make the ultimate creation game, Solar Empire... I am working on graphics and other details as Rich is working on sound clips!

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