Tent Poles

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Boyd Devereaux/Jiri Fischer

Original Date of Completion: June 2002

Disclaimer: Don't own them, soooo wish I did. This is fiction from my demented little mind, so ha! You can't sue me.


My mom read me an article about tent poles once. No, I'm not talking about actual poles that hold up a tent, relationship tent poles. To explain that as best I can, relationship tent poles are a certain thing or activity that keep your relationship up. When she read it to me, it was just the thing I was looking for. Jiri and I were going through a rough time, and this just seemed to be the relationship duct tape, the thing to fix it all. So I explained it to him, and thankfully he didn't think I was crazy. All that was left was finding a tent pole, which is a lot harder than you'd think. But with the help of our dear friend Malts, we found one. We decided on camping.

Well, when I say we, I really mean him. I was so not the camping type. Days without electricity, working toilets and hair gel, the whole idea was preposterous. But when Malts mentioned it to Jiri, he got so excited. He started telling all these about when he used to go with his dad and grandfather back in the Czech Republic. When he talked about it, there was a brighter sparkle in his luminescent blue eyes. I couldn't possibly have said no. I could live with a few days of inconvenience for the man I love. After all, he puts up with my anally retentive neuroticism, it's only fair I brave the wilderness for him.

Once everything was settled, we packed up (read: Spent $400 buying) camping equipment and started off on our way to a town I'd never heard of. I'd researched a lot of towns in Michigan when I'd signed with the Wings, so I wouldn't just have to nod and smile when a fan told me where they were from, I'd actually know. But I was completely clueless to the existence of a Baldwin. That didn't do well to calm my camping fears. If I'd never heard of a town in my nerd research, what does that say about the town? But Jiri assured me it was "absolutely beautiful" and it was "camping the way it should be." I didnít know what that meant, but you bet your ass it freaked me out.

Not as bad as it freaked me out when we got there. It was worse enough that when we got into Baldwin, streets suddenly lost names and became numbers, i.e. our first turn on 18 Mile Road. And they called it 18 Mile Road for a reason, the damn thing was 18 miles long. And we had to drive it for 17, it becoming dirt after 10, then turn onto another dirty road, and drive for another 8 miles (that was 9 Mile Road) then turn onto the only road around with an actual name, (and that name was Peacock, I kid you not), then turned down a trail where we were apparently camping. After all the turns and million mile roads, I was convinced we were no longer in Michigan. And as I glanced around our surroundings, I suddenly wished I was back in Seaforth; where as country, backwater as it may be, at least the roads had names.

"Gosh, isn't this beautiful?" Jiri asked as we stepped out of his Dodge Durango.

"It is," I replied apprehensively, slowly shutting the door behind me.

Jiri frowned slightly in my direction and sighed. He walked over to me and put his hands on my waist. Almost instinctively my hands slipped around his neck. As our lips met, he pushed me back lightly against the truck. Slowly, our lips clashed in passion. Our tongues stayed dormant, but the passion of the kiss was intense. When our kiss separated, my lips burned from the friction of his stubble. Jiri touched them softly with his thumb and flashed a bright smile at me.

"Thank you baby," He said, tucking his thumbs in the waist of my jeans.

"Why?" I inquired, cocking my head to the side.

"Well, I know you don't like camping. And this was probably the last thing in the world you wanted for a tent pole. But you came anyway. So, um, thanks,"

I was a big puddle of goo by the time he finished speaking. How nervous he sounded, and how he was scuffing his foot on the ground reminded me of the first time he asked me out. If he said shucks this time, I literally may melt from the sweetness. I stared up and him and ran a finger through a curl hanging over his forehead. I slipped an arm around his massive back then leaned up and planted a soft kiss on his cheek. He giggled and rubbed at the kiss with his thumb.

"I'd go anywhere for you baby. Even Colorado," I giggled, sticking my hands in his rear pockets.

He laughed and we shared a quick kiss. "I'll make it up to you Boydie, I promise. Anything you want, you get,"

As I opened my mouth to speak, he put his lips to mine. I felt his tongue flick against the roof of my mouth before he pulled away. I put on a mock frown that again he'd denied details of he and Sean. He'd heard all about my last boyfriend, by all rights I should get details. But I guess since I actually knew Sean, he felt details shouldn't be discussed. I jutted out my bottom lip in an exaggerated pout, coaxing a mocking "aww, poor baby," from him. Out lips met once more, tongues taking the forefront this time. Jiri nibbled lightly at my bottom lip, in usual punishment for my quasi-pout. I took my lips away and started biting at his neck. He slapped me playfully on the ass, then pulled away.

"Come on. We'd better at least get the toilet dug before dark," He explained, darting away at the finish of his statement.

I stared at him in horror, praying to anything holy that I'd heard wrong. "What?!?"

* * *

"That wasn't so bad, was it?" He questioned, standing across the firepit from me.

I shot him a cold glare and watched the dirt pout from my shoe. Jiri sighed and walked over to me. He edged his way onto my longue chair and slipped his arms around my waist. He began kissing at my neck, but I refused to turn my head toward him. I wasn't really mad, well, all THAT mad about having to dig the toilet. I've just learned from prior experience that when Jiri thinks I'm mad, he gives me things I want. Does exploiting that make me a bad person? Yeah right, like you wouldn't do it too.

"Don't be mad baby," He purred into my ear.

"I'm not mad," I replied in a lying tone.

He sighed again and kissed my collar bone. I suppressed a shudder from the feeling. I watched as he stood up from the chair and walked over toward the Durango. He opened the back and climbed inside and out of my site. He'd be out of my sight anyway, since I'd left my contacts at home and my glasses were in the truck. I could hear him rummaging around, and made a guess he was looking for beer. Getting me drunk was the pre-relationship thing he used to do when I was mad. I turned my attention back to my shoes, as it seemed Jiri would be occupied for a while. I was able to get my shoes taken care of before he returned. But when he returned, he held a plastic bag behind his back.

"Still mad?" He asked, slowly walking up to me.

"I'm not mad," I replied in that same lying tone.

"I brought you something to make you feel better," He stated, thrusting the bag toward me.

I smiled and took the bag from his hands. I patted the spot next to me on the longue chair and he sat down next to me and wrapped his arms around me again. I untied the bag and almost squealed as I saw its contents.

"S'MORES!" I exclaimed, throwing my arms around his neck. "You are the coolest!"

"I thought those would cheer you up," He laughed, rubbing my back.

"I love you," I softly kissed his lips and ran a finger though a dark curl that had fallen on his forehead.

"I love you too. Here, lemme make you one,"

He grabbed the bag from in front of me and placed a quick peck to my lips. He ran back to the Durango and reappeared with a hot dog stick. He shoved three marshmallows onto the stick and thrust it into the fire. I watched on with amusement as he roasted the marshmallows, catching them on fire, quickly blowing them out, then starting the cycle over again. Once he'd finished, he rushed back to me and dropped down onto the chair, sitting so he faced me. He started to open the graham crackers, but I grabbed his hands to stop him. He looked at me with an adorable look of question in his eyes.

"You always eat the first ones plain," I explained, taking the stick from his hands.

He nodded and grinned at me. I gripped the stick near the marshmallows and brought it toward his mouth. Seductively, he opened his mouth and wrapped it around the marshmallow. Slowly, he pulled back, sucking off the charred shell. I bit down on my lip to stifle a moan from the mere sight. He quickly brought his lips back to the marshmallow. This time, he took it all into his mouth and slowly pulled it from the stick. I had to reach down and adjust my rapidly hardening dick. Only Jiri could make burnt marshmallows erotic. Ooh, epiphany. And a damned good one too. A wicked grin spread across my face as I watched him lick a from his lip.

"Hey Jir?" I said, inching closer to him in the chair.


"Remember how you said you'd make this up to me?" I asked, motioning around the woods with my hands.

"Yeah...." He replied apprehensively, raising an eyebrow at me.

"Well I think I thought of a way you could do that," I explained, a devilish tone holding onto my voice.

"I donít like that look in your eyes," He said cautiously, inching backward on the chair. "What do I have to do?"

"Take your shirt off," I replied simply.

A look of fear showed in his eyes, but it was washed away as I ran my hands down his arms. Goosebumps formed on his silky skin. I denied him kisses as I slipped my hands under his shirt. He shuddered as I outlined his chiseled abs beneath the fabric. Slowly I pulled the shirt over his head, bringing his sinewy torso into view. I ran my hands up his chest, purposely avoiding his nipples. He moaned out quietly and bit his lip. I kissed him softly, licking his teeth, before I stood up. He looked up at me and whimpered. I smiled and ruffled his hair.

"Lay back in the chair," I commanded, grabbing the stick and walking toward the fire.

Jiri quickly obeyed and relaxed back in the chair. I peeled the remaining two marshmallows from the stick and dropped them into the fire. I pulled ten fresh ones from the bag, and one by one jammed them onto the stick. I thrust the stick into the fire and smiled back at Jiri. Even through the beginning darkness I could see his erection straining against his jeans. But with one as big as his, it's not a surprise. When he saw my stare, he reached down to adjust himself. I smirked at him and pulled the stick from the fire.

I walked back to him and straddled his legs. I gave a quick rub over his crotch with my palms, causing a light moan. I jammed the stick partly into the ground and pulled the skin from the first marshmallow. I blew at it lightly in my hand.

"What are you doing with that?" Jiri asked, keeping his eyes locked on the marshmallow.

I didn't speak in return. Instead, I showed him my plan. I shoved the marshmallow skin onto his left nipple, making him scream and buck beneath me.

"What are you doing?" He asked, arousal evident in his voice.

"You're making it up to me," I replied, diving onto his marshmallow-covered nipple.

He screamed out again, but this time I knew it was in pleasure. His hands gripped tightly onto the chair arms as I tongue bathed his nipple. I slicked slow circles around his tiny nub, licking away all the marshmallow. Jiri was muttering in Czech, and I could feel his dick throbbing beneath me. Once I'd cleaned him of the marshmallow, I nibbled lightly at his nipple, making him whimper in pleasure.

"Please...Boyd....More," He begged, eyes jammed shut.

Who was I to say no? I pulled the remnants of the first marshmallow from the stick and popped it into my mouth. I immediately brought my lips to Jiri's, and like teenagers with chewing gum, the marshmallow was interchanged. As he chewed the marshmallow, he opened his eyes and you could see the sex swimming in those deep blue pools. I simply smiled at him and pulled the next marshmallow from the stick. Jiri saw me and nodded his head, as if to give me permission. I drove the marshmallow onto his other nipple. He moaned out loudly and I felt his dick pulse beneath me. He whisper-moaned my name as I stood up.

"Don't you worry, it's time for phase two," I avowed, reaching down and grabbing the bag with the remaining S'mores ingredients.

I ripped open the graham crackers and broke off a square. I followed suit with the chocolate and stared up at Jiri. He smiled and tugged at my shirt.

"This needs to go,"

I nodded and quickly shucked my shirt to the ground. I dropped down beside him and built the s'more from his nipple. When it was assembled, I smirked up at Jiri then ripped it from where it'd hardened on his nipple. He moaned as I bit into the s'more.

"Do I get a bite?" He asked, out of breath.

I took another bit, then held the remaining amount between my teeth. I then leaned up, and much like the marshmallow earlier, the s'more was swapped between us. Jiri smiled as he chewed, then rubbed at his nipple. His hand connected with the leftover stickiness. He stared down at me through slanted eyes.

"I think you forgot something," He breathed

Briefly, I thought about reminding him HE was making it up to ME. But as I watched him, chest heaving, sweat dripping down his taught muscles, he was too much to wait for. Like a magnet, my tongue returned to his nipple. I quickly vanquished the marshmallow, but my mouth remained on his hardened nub. He whimpered and his body jerked under my ministrations.

"Please...Boyd...Lower," He moaned quietly.

By now, I was more than happy to oblige. One handed, I released the button of his jeans and unzipped. I crawled to the end of the chair and slowly pulled them off, leaving him in only a pair of red silk boxers with his initials embroidered on the front. The tent in the fabric was enormous, and I could see clearly the spot made by his leaking pre cum. I wasted no time in removing his boxers, revealing his beautiful manhood.

I took the swollen flesh into my hand and jerked it teasingly slow. Jiri released a low, guttural moan and gripped his hands onto the arm rests of the chair. I looked over at my marshmallows that had long since re-hardened. I pulled the stick from the ground and placed a soft kiss to Jiri's dick. Without a word, I walked back to the fire and shoved the stick into the flames. I glanced back at Jiri and felt my cock spring to action as he sat jerking his own dick. The marshmallows took insufferably long and for a monent I contemplated abandoning s'mores. But at that precise moment, the marshmallows caught, and I thought how good a Jiri s'more would taste. I pulled the stick from the fire and went to work blowing on the marshmallows as I walked back to Jiri.

I dropped down beside him and jammed the stick into the ground. I pulled the remaining marshmallows from the stick and immediately squeezed them onto Jiri's dick. He yelped at the sudden sensation. With my free hand, I pulled to graham crackers from the package. I attempted to unwrap a chocolate bar, but one handed I couldn't do it. Jiri took mercy on himself and tore away the wrapping. He handed me the chocolate, and I couldn't help but laugh to see the chocolate left nearly three inches at the base. The laughter died quickly as I slowly pulled the s'more from his dick.

"Please...Boyd...No more games....I need you," He moaned, rubbing his own chest.

I took one bite from the s'more then sat it down on my shirt. Without warning, I took Jiri into my mouth. He screamed in pleasure and thrust into my mouth. I nearly gagged, but lots of practice allowed me to hang on. I sucked lightly at his swollen shaft, dragging my teeth lightly to remove the marshmallow. I paid particular attention to this head, running soft swirls around it with my tongue. The marshmallow mixed with his pre cum made for a taste no símore could ever touch. When I could taste no more marshmallow, I let his dick slip from my mouth and ran my hand over it. It glided easily over his silky flesh. With the marshmallow gone, I got to my feet and undid my belt. My pants dropped to my ankles and my boxers quickly followed. Slowly, I straddled Jiri, and he positioned himself at my opening. With no preparation, I slid agonizingly slowly down his penis. The pain was incredible, but I held on for the pleasure bound to come. When he'd filled me completely, I paused to get used to him inside me. When I felt no more pain, I leant forward and brought my lips to his and slowly began to ride him.

Even though I'd yet to be touched, I could feel my balls rising after only a short time. Jiri's breath began to come in ragged gasps. The second he grasped my penis, I felt orgasm overtake me and I came in a muffled moan as Jiri's mouth covered mine. My muscles contracted around him as I came, pushing him too over the edge. My cum splattered onto his chest and I feel his coat my insides. Slowly, I lifted myself from his shaft and collapsed a sticky mess against him. He ran his fingers through my hair as I cuddled on his chest.

"Hey hun?" Jiri spoke quietly, caressing my shoulder.

I answered with something between a grunt and a "what?"

"Where's that s'more, I'm hungry,"

I giggled and reached down for the s'more. I handed it to him and heard him take a bite. I adjusted myself in the chair and traced circles on his chest as he ate.

"Mmm, good," He said with a mouthful of food. "Bite?"

I took a bite from the s'more and took the time to swallow before speaking. "Mmm, Jiri flavored,"

He laughed at me and finished off the last bite. He hugged me tightly and kissed the top of my head. I placed a soft kiss to his chest and cuddled up on him for more warmth. While it was July, and there was a fire, being naked in the woods still made me cold. Jiri squeezed me to his chest and started rubbing his hands down my back. I sighed, and closed my eyes, perfectly content to sleep naked in the arms of the man I love. But as I heard his chest rumble, I knew sleep wouldn't find us yet.

"So...did I make it up to you? He asked, giggling as I traced around his belly button.

"I'd say you more than made up for it. In fact, I think we found another tent pole."


© 2002 Triple X

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