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<3 Ryan Charles Richmond <3

My boy, Ryan, was born October of 1984 and died May of 2002. He was one of the happiest teenagers I've ever met. We used to just stare at each other and know what each other were thinking. He would've always been there for me if anything came up. I think I miss him the most because he was always someone to talk to and he was a walking inspiration to everyone around him. His brother, Aaron, and himself were twins...they were two totally different individuals, but they both had really good hearts. Ryan, especially. I'm gonna miss this boy. May God rest his soul.

<3 Bradley Eugene Duane <3

Brad was born 18 years ago and died on May 1 of 2002 in a fatal car accident. Brad was muh cousin and friend. Back in the day when I was into the weed...he was muh smokin buddy. Props to your life babe! RIP!
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<3 Nicolas Henry <3

Nick Henry was the type where we almost got hooked up, but we were too close of friends to get in a relationship and mess everything up. He committed suicide on August 16, 2002. He had just turned 16 August 4, 2002. He shot himself because his step-dad beat him all the time and his mom verbally told him that she chose his step-dad over him. He did this at noon on 8/16/2002. Someone found him in his driveway two hours later still alive. He died in the next hour on the way to the hospital. He shot himself through the eye...that's why I lived for so much longer. This saddens me because not only was he a really good friend, he had a lot going for him also. He was the starter on Otsego's football and basketball team. He had good grades...and he had everything going for him. I will miss you Nick...I'll always remember those kisses we shared..those nights outside the school waiting for rides. I love you much babe! RIP!