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~*~November 11, 2001~*~

Nene..I make my assumptions yet again... in order for you to correct me... but I dont think I put effect on you anymore.. when I used to give you butteflies.. when you used to email me all the time.. and I would come home from school to read those emails... or how I could come home just to know that you were happy to see me... or how you made me cry so easily.. just from happiness. I would think about you all the time.. because I knew you loved me.. and I knew how much. You told me it all the time... like it was something you needed to tell me. I am afraid that I will stop loving you because of the same thing that happened with beth and I. The only reason I stopped loving her was because she thought that I would already know that she loved me. I sometimes have debates on who I should belong to.. you or her. Yes she has made me happy and made me feel like i was the best thing in the world... but she would get so inconsiderate and never talk to me, or forget about me.. then say that I should know that I loved her, or vice versa. Of course you're not all girls.. but dont let that confidence... allow you to have major advantages...I know I should let it be easy for you.. but I want to assure myself that you are the one. I always knew my reasons for my love for her.. and my reasons to stop. Same with you.. and the reason why I did stop loving you that one time. Why do I have this doubt in me.. I dont know why... but I dont feel like you love me the way you used to love me... the way you always made me smile all the time because you would express it so much.. and write to me.. telling me how much you did.. or how you used to be at first with me.. that is why I believe during that time was the climax of our relationship.

I love you,
Teddy bear..


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