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~*~November 11, 2001~*~

Hey nene bear, im kinda getting frustrated that you're not here.. because im not seeing you online, nor am I getting a response.. so im figuring that something big has happened that caused you not get online or even answer to my emails so im not gonna get mad, but patient, lol. Anyways.. I am doing alright, yet I feel like im talking to a wall... and I really need you now... =( Im assuming something happened, otherwise you'd be here with me by now.. lol. Geez.. this feels weird talking to you because im really bored.. and there is nothing to do because my hobbies are pleasing you, lol. Well nene bear this is how im feeling: Where is that woman, I have so much to tell her. Now only if she was here i'd tell her about my weekend...*sighs* nobody to tell it to, lol. For your info im not being sarcastic; I really like telling you about my day, alot.
Alright then.. I should quit talking to myself.. and say my goodbyes.

Teddy Bear

I just cant get enough of my nene bear... =(

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