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Mobile Infrantry Head Quarters

Welcome to "Mobile Infantry Headquarters"™ This is the official Recruiting site for the Mobile Infantry™. Mobile Infantry is a group of fighters, well trained in the technique of the Dragon, and trained under T1. We here at MI are a group that fights in wars, and helps those who need help in wars/battles and such. Any weapon that is legal is permited here at the mobile infantry, we belive in the ways of Fair fighting and equality. Training is our main goal, that and every member gets as strong as they can, to be prepared for anything. there are different ranks here at Mobile Infantry™, From Liutenant to Private. new people start off as privates, then their rank is improved by the way they do their jobs, their behavior, etc. everyone is accepted, we need all the members we can get, and everyone is welcome here, welcome to the "Mobile Infantry"™

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