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Jellicle Generations

This RPG is based on the musical CATS. It takes place three generations later (so the characters might be Munkustrap's great-grandson, for example). My rules are pretty basic: Have fun, don't bicker like obnoxious children out of character, try to keep the language within reason, and Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer are not siblings! (Sorry, that's something that really bothers me.) If you want to participate, please email me at with a brief description of your character(s), including whether or not they are evil, and who their Jellicle ancestors are. (I plan to include the descriptions of your characters on this page somewhere.) That does not mean, however, that your character must be a descendant of the Jellicles from the show. Made-up characters are perfectly acceptable--encouraged, in fact. And as for those of you who know the owner of this site from chatroom rpgs, I grant you permission to play the descendants of your unique characters from there. For example, I will probably end up playing Adekka's great-granddaughter. See what I'm saying? Yes, I always thought you were a bright one. *grins*

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Try the chatrooms! Just add onto your storyline in the forum, or make up a new one altogether, or just chat. But have fun.

StarVoice Chatroom

The Characters

The Multiple Personalities of My Friend Micker
Astrological Group (aka: the other voices in Tomlette's head)
Tatyana and Kali