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Reiki is a complementary healing modality. It can be used along with (not in place of) professional medical attention. A Reiki Practitioner does not diagnose conditions nor prescribe medication, only a Licensed Medical Professional may do this.

There are many sites that tell of the history of Reiki and it's principles, so I will not inundate you with this information, again. This information is available with my Reiki Level One course.

To become a channel for the Universal Life Force that is Reiki, you must be attuned to the energy by a Reiki Master Teacher either in person or by a distant attunement. I received all my attunements via distant. I am capable of channeling the energy. If you haven't had a Reiki attunement, the energy you are trying to heal with may be your own. Reiki may give the tell-tale "hot hands."

Reiki has to be accepted by the person intented to receive the energy. If you can not get direct permission, ask the person's Higher Self...if you get the rejected feeling, respect this. Everyone one has Free Will and Choice. Do not try to force Reiki on anyone...there may be reason's why they don't want the energy...ex. They may not have learned their lesson from the dis-ease. We all have lessons we have to learn, and we can not move on until they are learned. The person may have a cold because they need to slow down and rest. Once permission is sequestered,then the healing can begin.

Make sure you have a clean atmosphere to work in. Draw a large CKR on all the walls, and in the middle of the room. You may wish to clear the room with incense...make sure your client can tolerate the aroma, if not, you will need to air the room prior to their visit.

You will want to make your client as comfortable as possible, either sitting or laying down. There are numberous hand postions. You may use these as a guideline or you may let the energy lead you to the places that need it the most. I will try to get the hand positions up here soon. You may want to try scanning before applying the actual hand postitions. Scanning allows you to feel for energy out of the norm for the person you are treating. All you have to do is postion your hands approximately 2-4 inches above the head of your client, and slowly "feel" your way down their aura. You are trying to sense any areas that feel "different" in any way to you. Once this is done, if there are any areas like this, ask your client if there are any problems in this area that they are aware of. These areas will need more attention. More on this and how to "repair" the areas of the aura that felt different is taught in my Reiki courses.

I have heard that the hand positions line up to astrology's relationship to the organs. The hand postions do line up with the organs, each position correlates. They also correlate with the chakras or energy centers of the energy body and the meridians.


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