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October 28th- Hey! There's been even more changes-the new site is NOT going to be at Homestead-it'll be at geocities. And wow! Majora's Mask was released two days ago-in the meantime, I'll be working on the geocities site-and, another thing-have a nice Halloween!

September 26th--I haven't been working on the new site because I just haven't had time. I AM NOW searching for some people that would like to split the responsibility up with me. The New site IS at Homestead.com, where it's going to be easier to design the site. If anyone is interested, Please e-mail me with your name, age (you most likely won't be qualified unless I trust you, because I'm picky like that) and a sample of your work. The following positions are what I'm looking for:

Fan art/FanFic manager

Zelda Games walkthrough

Majora's Mask coverage.

Thank you, and be aware that this is NOT a paid job, so get that dream out of your heads! :p Contact me at link31_@hotmail.com AND THANK YOU!

September 02: It's been a while since I gave you guys news--and I'm sorry about that. A lot of the new stuff will be posted about 2 months after it's release on the site, unless I speed things up. I didn't have as much time to work on the 'new' site as I had been hoping that I would. I am, however, going to leave you with 'the Zelda Radio,' which has absolutely no purpose at all to me. Anyway, click Here, to get the Zelda Radio!

P.S: I'll try my best to get that site going as soon as possible!

August 24th: Hey! Things are moving along smoothly, and the second Zelda game, The Adventures of Link, has been FINISHED! YESSS! Things are moving along quickly, too! I MAY be able to finish the 3rd game by tonight...keep checkin' in! August 23rd: Hello! I just thought that I'd fill you all in on the progress. So far, the Legend of Zelda area has TOTALLY been completed--I think. I'll keep updating you, and I'll tell you when the next game area has been completed! Also, I have to LINK everything up, and that could require some help. August 17th: Hey, everybody..there isn't an update today, but I wanted to tell all of you that we're going to switch this site to a different server very soon...actually, I'm already working on it, although it could take some time. I'll still update this site in the process, but work could be very slow...either way, I'll update you guys on everything as much as possible!

August 12: Wasssup?! Anywho, there's a small update..a story, surprisingly written by...Me! Anywho, read it by clickin' Here

August 08: HideyHo! I think of crazier and crazier messages each time I log onto here. Anyway, there's not much of an update today; but it was all that I could get. Anyway, the Majora's Mask has been completed...the ENGLISH version! Click Here! What, you say? No PICTURES?! That's not my fault...heh heh heh heh heh...

August 03: Hello! Did you guys miss me? Okay, here's our update to the fanfic... We've got Muerante, A Journey, and Revelations (these are all together, just so you know!) by our dear friend, Apollo. Thank you very much, Apollo!

August 02: All right, I've got a little update, and I've already got one planned out for tomorrow (it's small, but so what? This one's kind of big...) We have some info on Majora's Mask. Click Here, Or just scroll down...

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OKAY. zelda31_@hotmail.com has been closed since around April 20th of this year! DO NOT SEND anything to that address, no matter WHERE it says to! Please now send it to link31_@hotmail.com (just change the Zelda to Link...thanks!)

Hey, and welcome to Zelda 31's Homepage! This site is dedicated to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: The Mask of Mujula, and the Zelda cartoons. Take your time and look around, you're sure to learn something new about the greatest series of games of all time! Please feel free to contact me with your ideas and comments at Zelda31_@hotmail.com Thank you, and come again! Don't worry and don't freak out, I've got an idea to get my site back to the way it Was. Oh, and yeah, Loyal "Zelda31's Homepage Fans," Click this, and I promise to keep the updates going :-).

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