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Elvis Presley, THE STORY


-Jan 8, 1935 Elvis Aron Presley was born at approximately 12.20 PM in East Tupelo, Mississipi, .A twin brother Jesse Garon was stillborn.

-Jan 8, 1946 Elvis received his first guita on his 11th birthday - it cost $12.75.

-Sep 12, 1948 The Presleys moved from Tupelo to Memphis Tennessee, The next day, Elvis enrolled at L.C. Humes High School.

-Summer 1953 Elvis made his first demo record at the Memphis Recording Service, 706 Union Avenue. He played guita and sang "My happiness" .

-Jul 5, 1954 Legend began! Elvis, Scotty Moore (guitar) and Bill Black (bass) recorded "That's all right" for Sun Records.

-Jul 19, 1954 Elvis' first commercial single, Sun 209 "That's all right"/"Blue moon of Kentucky" was released.

-Aug 13, 1955 BillBoard Magazine described what was becoming the norm at his concerts - A RIOT!

-Nov 2, 1955 "Mystery Train" reached #1 in the country charts!

-Jan 21, 1956 The first picture of Elvis was seen in the UK, via popular "Record Mirror".

-March, 1956 The INTERNATIONAL PHENOMENON began. "Heartbreak Hotel" reached #1 in the US and becamehis first UK release on the HMV label.

-August, 1956 "Hound Dog"/"Don't be cruel" became his first double "A" sided #1 hit. Both lasted for 10 weeks!

-Nov 16, 1956 His first motion-picture "love Me Tender" was released in the US.

-Dec 20,1957 Elvis received his draft papers for the US Army.

-Mar 24, 1958 At 6.30 AM, Elvis arrived at Local Board 86 in Memphis and began his army life as private US 53310761.

-Mar 5, 1960 Elvis was discharged from the US Army.

-Jan 19, 1961 "Are you lonesome tonight" was released and stayed at #1 for 4 weeks.

-May 1, 1965 Elvis married Priscilla Beaulieu at the Alldin Hotel in Las Vegas.

-Feb 1, 1968 Lisa Marie Presley was born.

-Jan 9, 1971 The American Junior Chamber of Commerce presented an award to Elvis for being one of the "10 Outstanding Young Men of America".

-Oct 9, 1973 Elvis and Priscilla were divorced.

-Aug 10, 1977 Elvis last single during his lifetime was released. "Way Down" - It reached #1 postumously.

-Aug 16, 1977 Elvis passed away at his Graceland mansion.


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