The Baldtops were the highest ground in the Middle Islands, and were underpopulated on two counts: their rocky soil, and the age-old custom of continental tribes wintering over there. 

the Nesbith and Kralko Line was the only working rail line on Stanton (Longshores had a much more developed rail system).  It ran from northern Dunsborough to South Shores and then just west of Korvaden.   

Southern Stanton had the best farming soil in the Middle Islands.  All of the towns here are ancient, with the exception of South Shores, a latecomer, providing summer homes for the rich of Dunsborough and opening a competitor to the inland port city of Hams.  The city of South Shores was built on the steep hills around the shallow arc of a bay.  Goods coming down the Vesson River had but a short sea journey to its markets.