The Widge War: Scantini and Holliston
    Major Lieutenant Edward Scantini, one of the leading commanders, owed a life-debt to one of the Widge Guides of Albion.  After the war, the Guides were unable to return home since many Widge, even those that abhorred the Regime, came to see the Guides only as traitors.  Even the softshells (there was one in the House of Alexander) turned to scorn them. 
     Although under the exile of Newton, Edward Scantini came to the Hall of Five Hundred Statues in New Warrick to plea for his friend's amnesty.  Admiral Holliston, the senior commander that chose not to go into exile, vouched for him.  He received not only amnesty for Bloomkeeper, but also received permission to return himself, and remained banished only from the Isle of New Warrick.  Aurelia Alexander gave this decree. 

The Fate of Nathaniel Clintock
    Nathaniel Clintock, who ordered the Crimes of Albion, failed to either return or to go into exile.  Instead, he became a pirate, raiding outlands of the Tiller Republic while the Captains were weak.  In the late 1100's, he rescued Orson Pollmen Trotter, a minor rebel fleeing government troops after the failure of his putsch.  Trotter afterward assisted Nathaniel Clintock in further crimes, leaving his side only at the outbreak of the Revolt of 10219.