The Shrines

    The Steeple of New Warrick 
Much has been said of the Steeple, a heptagonal column arising from the east end of the Island of New Warrick.   

    The Darkness Observatory   
Our planet, which we call Twilight, is unusual in that it lay on its side, with one pole perpetually facing the sun and the other perpetually facing the stars.  The Darkness Observatory was built on the far side of the starward sea.  While it lay within the frozen waste that covers that third of the planet, it is the only place where stars and planets can be observed. 

    Lost Shrines 
All other shrines were lost during the Great Retreat, and now lay under Widge control. 

The Fifth Scroll

Dreams and the Multiverse
The Devout were also interpreters of dreams. The reason for their focus on dreams was closely related to their belief in  a multitude of universes.  They believed that as one sleeps, one's soul migrated to its other bodies in these other universes.  As most of these universes ran parallel to our own, the more sense the dream made, the nearer its universe was to our own. 

The dreamer carried only fragments of these alternate universes back because they can only be retained in short-term memory; long-term memory, they believed, was physical, while the short-term could be retained in the living soul. 

It was important to study the Multiverse for many reasons, not the least of which was prognostication, as some close universes may be ahead of ours in time.  Beliefs about prognostication caused an important schism early in the Devout history.