Organize with a three-part structure. 



A Use the three-part structure.


1.    Introduction of topic and opinion about it

2.     Details that support your opinion

3.     Remind the reader why they should be convinced of your thesis.


1.     Introduction of characters and problem

2.     Problems get worse. 

3.     Problem is solved (or not).


D Information that is not appropriate should be moved or deleted. 

E Don’t cut a good paragraph in two. 

F Find a strong opening line.

What’s wrong below?

In ancient Rome, the Christians were thrown in the lion's dens.  It was a sport for the Romans.  The Jews were sometimes blamed for the death of Jesus.  These sporting events usually took place in the Coliseum. 





What’s the most boring way you could begin a research report about the human brain?  A rattlesnake?  The United States Constitution?  We all know: “In this report, I will tell you about…”

Barry Lane