4 Write a Research Paper 20% of total grade




1)    Begin with your first paper that gave a definition of Realism or Regionalism. This must still include the quotes from authorities. You are not an expert in this field. Your own opinion or definition will not be satisfactory. Since you are using quotes, you will need to use crediting and will need to include a works cited page.

2)    Choose a piece of literature. You may choose a novel, a short story, a long poem, or a group of shorter poems from the same poet. You must choose something from the reading list or you must get it approved before you start. You may not choose something that was covered in class or used in your oral presentation.

3)    Create a thesis statement that clearly describes how your chosen piece of literature demonstrates that it is a piece of realist or regionalist literature.

Underline this thesis statement. You will lose points if this is not underlined.

4)    Provide and discuss SPECIFIC EXAMPLES from your story that show how your chosen piece of literature meets your definition. You must either use quotes from your story or poem or refer to specific parts of your story (events, characters, etc.).

5)    A Content Draft and Finished Draft will be required.


A sure way to fail: Just summarize the events of the story; tell what happened without any attempt to give commentary, interpretation, or try to examine how this fits into the period.