4 Write a Research Paper 20% of total grade


Your Goal: Choose a piece of literature from this period or movement and then to show how your chosen piece has these characteristics or fits this definition.



1)    You will need a thesis statement that clearly describes your goal. Underline your thesis statement.

2)    You will need to provide a definition of the movement or period. This must include quotes from authorities. This, of course, will require crediting in the body and a works cited page at the end. You may incorporate material from your definition research paper. Use at least three sources. Your textbook should be your first choice for a source.

143-145 imagination

146-147 Nature

149-150 common folk

210-214     the inner life and the individual

276 & 260 The Gothic


Other suggested sources would be:


        Encyclopedia CD-ROMs,

        Introductions included in anthologies in the library,

        Literary handbooks in the library, and

        The Internet.

Are you trying to get above C level? Try five sources.

3)    You will need to choose a piece of literature. You may choose a novel, a short story, a long poem, or a group of shorter poems from the same poet. You must choose something from the reading list. You may not choose something that was covered in class or used in your oral presentation.

4)    You will need to show that the literature meets your definition. You will need to provide and discuss SPECIFIC EXAMPLES from your story or group of poems. Use quotes from your story or poem.

5)           A Content Draft and Finished Draft will be required.