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Free Verse has neither rhyme nor meter

Running through a field of clover,
Stop to pick a daffodil
I play he loves me, loves me not,
The daffy lies, it says he does not love me!
Well, what use a daffy
When Jimmy gives me roses?

                                Flora Launa

The shoes of a man with a blue wind suit
XXSit in a window in utter despair.
XXXXNowhere to go and nothing to see
XXXXXXWhere are they headed in life?
XXXXXXXXNo values are set, no goals are met,
XXXXXXXXWhat will they end up to be?
XXXXXXThey may aspire to be a twig,
XXXXOr a red kazoo.
XXWhatever they choose, it doesn't really matter
Because that, they will never be. 

The weak are weak
XXX because there is no one to make them strong
The strong are strong
XXX because the weak helped them get there

Although the weak
XXX helped make the strong, strong
The strong, are not strong enough,
XXX  to be willing to help the weak.

He looked up
Just to see her face
Their eyes met
She looked away
He got up
And took her hand
Pulled her face up
And leaned in

Regret comes with a swift wind
Blowing the right choices in front of our eyes
Like the mocker of a well-to-do man to the poor. 
Bitterness, like a rusted nail driven through the sole
Contaminates the soul's happiness.

We see the sun go down
And the moon become visible
The stars are shining like a flashlight
But no one stops to admire it
That is when I realize
  "Why would it shine if no one cares?"
So I stop for a moment, to take a look.

We lay on the beach
It was a cold night watching the stars
He grabbed his jacket and put it on my arm
I looked, he nodded his head
I grabbed his coat and put it on
Now the night could be perfect
Without the cold strong wind