Writing Lab and Your Grade

There is no down time: 

Start a new piece

Continue a work in progress

Conclude a work


Confer with me or another student about problems you're having with content or craft. 

Confer with me about editorial issued I identified in a finished piece

Brainstorm titles


Develop a character for a later short story

Read published models of a kind o writing

Move to a more appropriate genre

Take a break from a difficult project to whip off an easy one. 

If you have completed your third project, you may also write letters, informational papers, and many other pieces. 

Work every day.  Work a full class-period. 
In writing lab, there is no such thing as "I'm done" or "I have nothing to do."

at least three to five pages of writing each week. 
You should understand the importance of working from quantity, of producing plenty of writing and seeing where it takes you. 

You will start the quarter with ten points for daily work.  Don't lose them.