Writing Lab and Your Grade

By the end of each week, you must produce a finished project:

You must complete each of the following projects:

A short story (required by state W.GN.08.01) .

One historical piece such as a journal, biography, or simulated memoir that includes appropriate organization,
XXX  illustrations, marginal notes, and/or annotations (required by state W.GN.08.02 ).  This should reveal a
XXX  knowledge of the time period. 

Three thematic essays based on the PowerPoint on the I-drive. 

One opinion essay about an issue that matters to you. 

There will be instruction given for each of these, but if you choose to write one before the instruction is given, don't just rush off and start one - read the instructions!  You may also want to read examples from the notebook of model student papers, which is located on the bottom of the class bookshelf. 

You must also produce at least two of the following finished projects:

A second short story

A biography of a local citizen based on original research.  This is time-consuming and may not be done last. 
XXXXXX (This link is to a PowerPoint.)

An opinion of a book or movie - not just a plot summary.  Read the instructions!

A memoir - this is probably the most difficult genre.  It's not just a funny story. 
Carefully read the instructions,
XXXXXX and read at least one example from the notebook of model student papers. 

A play, drama, or script

An article--this is NOT a research project.  If the student chooses to write an article, the student must write about a
XXXXXX topic which he or she is already familiar.  All writing in this project must be original writing by the student. 

A group of five or more letters: at least one must be a formal (business) letter and one friendly letter

In addition, by  the end of the quarter, you must write three to five poems or songs:

The type of poem must be marked on it when it is turned in. 
Write at least two different types of poems. 
At lease one of these poems must be submitted to the notebook marked
Model Student Poetry.