What Kind of Gorillaz Fan Are You?

I'm sure everyone's noticed how there are many varying reasons that people like the Gorillaz. Here's a quiz to find out which type of Gorillaz fan you are!

1. You hear "2D", you think:

What a voice...
...and Murdoc, sittin' in a tree...

2. You hear "Murdoc", you think:

Yum! Sexy!
Who cares?
Whee! Green skin!
"...slowly lowered himself over 2D's naked body..."

3. You hear "Noodle", you think:

She's a girl...
Mentally linked to 2D.

4. Besides Gorillaz, your favorite thing is:

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
True fans don't LIKE anything else.

5. Be honest...your final take on the V-Birds is:

Sorta cool...another animated band to follow.
*pout* They copied Murdoc's name idea.

6. When it comes to fanfics, which would you rather read:

Clone slash.
Mary Sue fics.
Blur fics.
Plain old everyday Gorillaz-only fics, true to life as possible, please!

7. On the MB, you'd be most likely to respond to which post?

"Whee! *bounces around handing out Mountain Dew*"
"Hey, everyone, I got my latest Blur DVD, and it's awesome!"
"DRAFF announcement: all members email me"
"Posted my newest songfic on fanfiction.net, it's about Murdoc and 2D"

8. Do you think I've left out Russell and Del on this quiz?

Nope, 2D's my favorite.
Nope, Murdoc's my favorite.
Yes, Russ makes a good plot twist.
Yes, Russ is cute and fluffylicious too! *pout*

9. You hear "pop", you think:

Meep! Evil!
A waste of time.
Popstars are good on toast.
Kill them. Slowly and painfully.

10. The word you'd most like to be described as:


I stole this code from Arakay.net, who stole it from Miserys-Cupcake.net. Yay!