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The Mummies

Say dig you punkniks this, and lend me your ears. For ‘tis i that have been given the unfortunate task of swaying your better Judgement. To hip you to this swinging group of recking no counts, The Mummies! In the record bizz-nizz that’s got promises no more of blueswailing this, or wilderness that, I say HAH! Dig that this hairy group of hellish Nothings have pounded a bloody trail from BumF#ck Egypt, to San Francisco California, using outta this world Teenage Disaster Hel sounds emmitted from the Cheapest of Thrift store instrments. Dig that in which every Mummies show was required by law to be a hard-hat wearing area, and the site condemend immediatly thereafter. Dig that daring humans to withstand the onslaught and stench of the Uncooked, Gut-churning throw-up noise those masters of sloppedness call Rythem and Blues (hah!) either run screaming (like a reular L7) , or let out the honest to Gawd Skull-Skorching ugliness burn into there souls. so dig this you wiggy ones, this flaming chunk o’ wax, convulsing with sounds if 4 Ball-Balsting Mofos, and 3 times as many screw ups. Yeah, 3 times as many. It just wouldn’t be the Mummies any other way. So What have you got to say about that, Boys? “ If you Dont like What you hear, BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS!!!” The Mummies rule of Thumb: “ When in doubt............Punk it out!!!!” ---Yeah! --prof. Pap Amen-Kortex March 1990 _______________________________________________________ Well this is my first Mummies Album i have ever bought, and i love it! It has The songs, That Girl, Test Drive, I'm Bigger Than You, Dirty Robber. This is a great buy so if you find it at a record store BUY IT !!!!!