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The Official Tip Toppers Club of Detroit Website

What is The Tip Toppers Club of Detroit?

The Tip Toppers Club of Detroit is a social club for men and women who meet the official requirements set forth by Tall Clubs International (See below). The majority of our membership reside in or near the Detroit and Metro area. However, members also come from Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, New Baltimore, and even Indiana to celebrate tradition and most importantly, fun!

What Does the Tip Toppers Club Do?

The Tip Toppers Club of Detroit host fun and exciting events such as: dinner parties, dances, wine tastings, movies, happy hours, tubing trips, and local events such as the International Auto Show and the Plymouth Ice Festival. The list simply goes on. In addition, we attend and support regional events such as weekends in Toronto, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago or anywhere TCI clubs are hosting. We also take our turn in the TCI calendar by hosting a fabulous weekend here in the Motor City. On our serious side, the Tip Toppers strongly support the National Marfan Association (NMA) by raising funds for this very fine organization. In addition, we believe in higher education and offer an annual scholarship to eligible high school seniors who qualify.

What is Tall Clubs International?

Tall Clubs International (TCI) is a social organization of more than 65 member clubs in the United States and Canada. There are approximately 4,000 members in TCI. There are also 55 non-affiliated Tall Clubs in Europe. This Euro-Organization is not directly tied to TCI and is related in spirit and in social scenarios only. Members of TCI are usually welcome at all European club functions, as are European club members in the U.S. To find out about European clubs contact one of our International Contacts

TCI's stated purpose is "to promote tall awareness among tall men and women, and in the community. To provide social activities of mutual interest, travel to cities around the U.S. and Canada for gatherings including members from several TCI clubs, run a convention each year to conduct the business of the Corporation with representatives of all clubs, and select a new Miss Tall International®, the official public representative and good will ambassador for TCI."

For more information about Tall Clubs International, visit their website in the links below.

How Can You Contact the Tip Toppers Club?

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