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Hey, welocme to my Uranus page! Sorry if I don't have as much information as you'd like but being a veyr busy moonie I don't have time to read up as much as I'd like too. ^_^ Anyways, I hope you enjoy the pictures even if the information is shabby!

Sailor Uranus

Okay, for all you people who are like me in the sense that you know almost nothing about Uranus, this is what she looks like in her Sailor Scout uniform. Yay! hehe. ^_^


Okay, Haruka is Sailor Uranus's real name. Sorry, but I don't know the english translation of it because she hasn't shown up in the Dubbed series yet! Again, many apologies! This is how she dresses on her off days I suppose. ^_^ She's a real tomboy, and I think the reason is somehow when her brother died he became one with Haruka so now she's really boyish..if I'm correct the side of her that's a guy surfaces when she's not transformed and therefore she loves Sailor Neptune then. Again, check me if I'm wrong!


Okay, I thought I'd add this picture just to show Haruka's manly side. She's a very complex character isn't she? ^_^

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