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Special Thanks

Okay, I know everybody gets bored with thank you pages..but hopefully that won't happen here. We have many, many people to thank but we won't go into to much detail. Thanks to all the sites were we got Sailor Moon pictures at!! Also, Thanks a bunch to the Meatballhead Moon Page! They provided tons of pictuers and info. for our site! Okay, now we get to the fun part were I put pictures up of people who helped make this page possible. :-)


Okay Venus is my (Meatballhead) best friend so nobody better make fun of her picture. 8^) Venus helped lots with Spelling and Grammer sense....frankly the maker of this page can't spell to safe her live. Also, Venus gave Meatballhead tons of encouragment about how this site is better than Club Vegita... Thank You Venus for being such a good friend and helping in the construction of this page!


Okay, I don't have a picture for Goober yet so just enjoy the Sailor Scout picture. :-) Goober provided most of my pictures for me! All the outer scout pictures I got from him!! Plus, he had some really good suggestions! He was major help!! So everyone give him a happy face! ^_^ hehe, anyways, I hope you like all the pictures he helped to put on this site!

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