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Tuxedo Mask!!!!

Here are some more picks of Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon. May your picture viewing be happy and enjoyable. :-P And please feel free to tell me about how much you like Darein by E-mailing me!! ^_^

Tuxedo Mask

Wow! Look at him go! I wish I could do that... :-)


Isn't Tuxedo Mask just so cute?! I love this picture! He's such a cutie! To bad we all can't know such sweethearts eh?


Ohhh, now let us all gaze at this really stuningly evil picture of Darien. Boy, he's hot! :-) Sorry I don't have more picks of just Darien, I'm working on it. pictures provided by guys usually don't have any Darien pictures...for some odd reason.^_^

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