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Doom Tree Villians

Okay, the doomtree villians are Allan and Ann. They're aliens that steal large anounts of energy from people so that they can feed their tree. Their tree lives off energy and if it dies they die. They get people's energy by useing cardians which are monsters that are displaid on cards until Allan plays a magic flute-type thing.( I think it's a lute...) Then it comes to life and does whatever Allan and Ann tell it to do to steal energy for the tree. (which the scouts call the doomtree.)

Doom Tree

This is Allan's and Ann's tree. On their planet it created all the people that lived there, but when their planet was destroyed it had to travel all over looking for energy and one by one all of it's children died off except Allan and Ann. During the series Allan and Ann keep sucking people's energy to feed their tree but their tree keeps dieing. Finally Serena helpes them see that the tree needs love to live and not other people's energy. Then Ann and Allan are all happy and so is their tree and they leave Earth in search of a less crowded planet where they can start over on. Yay!


Allan is the desicion maker and always makes the desicions for Ann and the tree. When Serena first meets him she thinks he's a majior hunck and has a crush on him. Then she gets creaped out by him because he thinks she's the most beautiful person on Earth and folllows her everywhere. This makes his sister Ann jealous and therefor Serena and Ann are constantly fighting for Allan's attention....and Darien's becuase Ann likes Darien too. I think he's an animation characterish way... :-)

Alien form

Okay, this next picture is of Allan and Ann in their natural alien form. The alien with blue hair is Allan and the other one is Ann. The weird flute-like thing that Allan is holding is the instrument he uses to activate the monsters he and Ann use to steel people's energy.

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