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My Cutie Adam!

Okay dear, be proud! I've finally found the time to update your site. :-) *sigh* hehe, I thought it'd be a nice thing to do considering I said I would be constantly changing it and I've been doing a really poor job. Go figure...I'm lazy. :-) Anyways though, soon I'll be gettting a scanner and then we'll have many new and interesting pictures up here so the site will be more fun to look at. :-) Yay!

*mmm* :-) Aren't you just the cutest! :-)hehe, anyways, :-) hehe, I just had to keep that up there because you are just soo cute. :-) Anyways though, it's time for the new thought of the day...which will turn into the thought of the month really really fast. ANyways, the thought is vacation. I've decided that every year I have soo much to do that I never really have a summer vacation! I'm always gone to family reunions or mission trips or other such places that I think this whole summer vacation I've been home 2 weeks of it and that's it! :-( It's quite sad...but also pretty amusing. :-) It's funny how everyone is always looking forward to doing nothing on vacation and then they're always to busy to just lounge around. :-) Oh well, hehe, just thought I'd share. :-)

hehe, lol, I like this one. :-) I just thought I'd put up a nice pic of one of my favorite band. :-) hehe, the Beatles music is so relaxing and easy going you gotta love them! :-)

hehe, isn't that kick awesome...I think it would just be the coolest thing to be able to do that. hehe, this is Tom he's my friend Amanda's man. :-) hehe, I just thuoght the pick was cool because I don't know many people who can kick like him. :-)