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                       UPDATE!!!! August 26, 1999



Well, I finally have some spare time to tell everyone what's been going on since I put my story on the web.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who's visited my site so far. I'm really surprised how many people have visited, and it makes me pretty proud that I did this all myself. And thanks for the great emails I've received!!

I went back to my doctor in Mid-July. Unfortunately, I started my period on the way in to the doctor's office (it's over an hour drive from home). But I went anyway, because I didn't want to wait another 3 months for an appointment.

When I saw my doctor, she could tell the pain I was in. When I told her I wanted to consider a hysterectomy, she told me that may be my only other option now, since none of the other medications were working. But she did tell me that they would have to take my ovaries, putting me into menopause right away. I told here of all the research I've been doing, and that my husband and I decided that menopause would be better than what I'm going through right now. She also told me that if we didn't do the hysterectomy that the endo would continue to grow (even if only a little) until I went into menopause naturally.

So currently I am on Lupron again, so am feeling much better with no pain at all after the first 2 weeks. I don't even have any hot flashes or mood swings, which are some side effects since Lupron makes your body think it's going through menopause.

My only problem now is that my doctor told me she wanted me to lose 20 pounds before I went back to see her Sept 15th (I'm currently about 60 pounds overweight, could it possibly be due to the endo, does anyone know? I used to be pretty thin). I have lost about 5 pounds, and have already hit a plateau for the past 3 weeks that I can't get around. I only have 3 weeks before I go back and I know there's no way I can lose another 15 pounds in that time. So I guess I'll write another update after that date to let everyone know the next chapter.

Good luck to everyone out there with endo. All emails are welcome!!! Thanks for reading my story. It really makes me feel better doing this.

Please email me with your thoughts and comments


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