Now you are prepared for battle. You have all the tools you will need to face the Knight. But do not fear, Goondar the dragon will watch over and protect you.

To enforce your armor, I send to you the flames that burn in my heart for you.

The clash of steel against steel, the dull thud of weapon against flesh and bone, the sickening warmth of blood flowing from your wounds, the stench of fear and sweat soaked bodies fills the air. Burning its pungent aroma into your flaring nostrils. You give and receive blow after agonizing blow. The pain and anguish you feel is matched only by that of which you send back with all your might. You feel nothing. You can not think. You wonder if you are dead or alive. suddenly as it all is over. Drakquin falls with a loud "THUD". You fall to your knees. Breathless. Sweet victory is yours.

You are my hero, you slay the demons that haunt my dreams. I offer to you my lips as your reward.

Effortlessly you take up arms against them, or so it seems. You tell me the love I give to you, is as your sword. You are my companion, you are forever beside me. I offer to you my body as your inspiration. Tirelessly you keep your love flowing free. Were we meant to be as one? For me, there is no question.

And now your journey is over, you have battled the Knight and won. It is time to reap the rewards of your efforts. Seek out Goondar's friend, Blacmooth, he will be glad to show you the way.