I fall to my knees, and raise my eyes to the heavens. My tears torrent like showers that come in the spring. I scream out your name, ANSWER ME!! There is only silence to answer me now. You are no longer near me. You have chosen another path, a much more dangerous path. A path of discovery, insight, and challenge.

But I will go your path also...WAIT!...WAIT!. I will follow you, walk behind you, feed from your crumbs. Worship the ground that lies beneath your feet.

Tears again fall as you wave goodbye. You will not carry me on your journey. I must walk my own, follow my own, and discover my own.

You tell me I must begin my own journey. You tell me that our paths are separate from one another. You tell me things I already know, but wish to forget.

So, my personal journey begins, my load is heavy, the weight is great. I have packed into a bag, everything in my possession. In this bag are my thoughts, dreams, wishes, doubts, guilt, hopes and anger. I throw my bag over my shoulder and trudge on.

The road is long, I easily grow weary. I feel the weight of my load growing more and more each day. The weight begins to crush me, I shrink under the pressure.

I see a stranger in front of me, he is carrying a bag also. I ask him, shall you take my bag from me, I will return the favor some other time down the road. He takes my bag and I feel relieved, awake, strong, and once again, alive.

We walk the path together, walking, talking, laughing, and sharing our experiences. The stranger stops and turns to me, telling me it is my turn to carry our bags.

The bags are much bigger now, how could this be I ask? He tells me it is because we have picked up more possessions along the way. I stare in disbelief, I know I can not carry the load. We look at each other, he tells me, "You promised to help me." I have no answer for him, I now know that is a promise I can not keep. I want to carry the load but it is impossible. The stranger then leaves his bag at my feet and walks on alone.

Again I look around for help, and I see me standing before me. I see me opening the bags, sorting through the contents. I see me tossing out the excess, the anger, guilt and doubt. I pick up my bag, a bag of hopes, dreams, thoughts and wishes.

These are my possessions, they are light and easy to carry. You would do well to lay down your bags also. Filter through the objects that lie within. Toss out the things that weigh you down. And be free of the possessions of others.

Now you must decide where to go from here. It is a decision only you can make. You may go forward, on to discover more of the path that is before you, or backward, back to the world you know and trust. If you do decide to go forward, I have made a potion that will transport you to the next level. Drink it and go on.

If you decide to return to the comforts of home and give up so easily, then take this candle to help light your way back.