The Ultimate Sex Machine For Women

Just when you thought you'd seen it all...those naughty elves have outdone themselves yet again! The Orgasmo Mach 69 is the ultimate sex machine for women! No inhibitions...just hour after hour of pure sexual enjoyment!

After several years in developement...and thousands of orgasms later...the Orgasmo Mach 69 is finally ready for Christmas 2003! There's only one problem...I can't get the elves to stop riding it long enough to make more of them! Perhaps a good hard spanking is in order! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Don't worry...I'll take care of the elves. You just be sure to stay on KinkySanta's "Naughty List"...and maybe if you're lucky...there will be a Orgasmo Mach 69 waiting under YOUR tree on Christmas morning!