The Most Powerful Aphrodisiac Ever Created!

Hey guys! Need a little help this holiday season bagging that special elf? If so...I have just the thing you've been waiting for. KinkySanta's Lust Dust will turn even the most frigid woman into a raging sex maniac! Just a pinch in her food or drink...and presto...she'll be ready to impale herself on anything...and I do mean ANYTHING!!!

You didn't really think it was just the red suit and beard that gets the elves so hot did you? Shhhh...don't tell them I told you that...they haven't caught on yet! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Don't spend Christmas alone again this year...ask KinkySanta for some of his Lust Dust...and you're guaranteed to be unwrapping more than just presents on Christmas morning!

DISCLAIMER: KinkySanta will not be held responsible for intentional misuse of his secret Lust Dust. If you live in the not...I repeat...DO NOT...use Lust Dust on any family members or livestock!