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Shining Force II

Nate_dk's Shining Force II Shrine

Guys, this is important. Go to and show your support for a new Shining game! I'm hoping for a PC game, because I don't have a dreamcast. But either one would be great! Show your support!

Welcome to The Ultimate Shining Force 2 Shrine, made by Nate_dk. Since this site's beginning date,March 30th, 2000, I have recieved several e-mails regarding theories as to where the Right of Hope is. Please, only e-mail me about this subject if you know for SURE where it is in the American version. I love all the feedback I'm getting, so e-mail me comments, questions, or your sites address at I would also like to apoligize for my Items page because it doesn't include where to find the items. That, and the price of each, will be coming soon! Thanx!

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My cousin made a webpage devoted to Zelda 64. There are some broken links, and his HTML knowledge isn't up to par, but he advertised for my site so I'm putting a link up to his. Click Here.