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Shining Force II - The Heroes

These are the heroes of Shining Force II.

Their stats can be found in an area coming soon, the Hero Stats page. These are just their pictures, and a little info on them.

Bowie - This is the main character of the game, of whom you control outside of battles. Bowie is just his default name, as you can change it as needed. He is a strong fighter, and can learn Egress, which teleports you back to the church you last saved at(Oh, that's right--Save whenever you can!), and he can also learn Bolt, which is a very powerful magic move, although costly when it comes to MP. You cannot take him out of battle, and he uses Swords only.

Sarah - Sarah is one of the two characters you get before the first battle of the game. I personally aren't great at leveling her up, due to her weak attack. I understand, though, that when she is promoted to a MMNK(Master Monk), she has one of the highest attacks in the game. She starts out with Heal(Level 1) and can level it up. Because she's not a high level on my game, I use Karna instead.(By the way MMNK's use the Gloves - I didn't know that at first!) Level her up using her Heal every move.

Chester - The other one of the two characters you get before the first battle. A little weak to begin with, but with some leveling up and some better weapons, he becomes one of the BEST characters in the game! If you can only use one PLDN(Paladin) total, I recommend Higins, because he comes leveled up a lot. Otherwise, Chester can be promoted to a PLDN or a flying one. The flying one needs a certain Wing to promote to it, and due to it's lateness, shouldn't be used on Chester.

Jaha - After beating the first battle and learning where you must go next, Jaha joins you just before you leave Granseal for Sir Hawel. Jaha is one of the best fighters in the game, and is my favorite for the front line. He has GREAT defense, and if you promote him to BRN(Baron) with the Warrior Pride found on the shield in the New Grans army room, he has a huge attack, and can use the most powerful weapons in the game, Swords. Give him the Running Ring or a Running Pimento because he can get behind, though.

Kazin - Once you reach Yeel and leave through the North exit, Kazin follows you. After a battle, Kazin finds out that his master, Sir Hawel, dies. Nowhere else to go, he joins you. Kazin starts out with BLAZE(Level 1) and is very powerful. You can promote him to a WIZ(Wizard), or a SORC(Sorceror) with the Secret Book found in the Elven Villages main building in a bookshelf. He kicks butt as a SORC, with DAO(Level 1), soon APOLLO(Level 1), and NEPTUN(Level 1). He is my favorite magic character, with good MP, yet not-so-great defense. Keep him in the middle line, and when enemies get close, have him cast a magic spell. If he runs out of MP, put him in the back.

Slade - After being captured by Galam and escaping, you fight a battle and earn the Jewel of Light. Slade then joins you. Though he is very weak at first, if you level him up, he gets very powerful, learning magic spells even! He learns KATON and RAIIJIN, and it is rumored that he learns HIGINS, yet it doesn't do anything. Slade can then use swords. I suggest you level him up.

Kiwi - After escaping Galam and entering Granseal, if you enter a small building, you will find Kiwi. Kiwi is his default name, but during the game you can name him what you want. He is not very powerful, yet his defense it pretty good. Low HP, and no magic. I do not recommend raising him, because I actually got him to promotion once(and, that isn't easy), and he wasn't that good. Raise him if you want to, but put him in the Caravan after awhile.

Peter - When you arrive at Parmecia, and win your first battle, you will find Peter in New Grans, and he will follow you and be computerized in battle until you talk to Volcanon. He is the BEST character you can get, and has the highest attack in the game, and oh yeah, you don't have to waste money buying him weapons or reviving him, because he doesn't use any weapons and can revive himself- for free! I definitely recommend for you to raise him- he is GOOD! Oh, and he has good defense against fire attacks, such as BLAZE.

May - May joins you in Ribble in the southern part, by the entrance. She is one of my favorite characters, because she has a long range attack and you don't get too many in the beginning of the game. I would raise her if I were you, because Arrows and Shots are very powerful. I kept her throughout the game, and she proved helpful even against Zeon.

Gerhalt - Gerhalt joins you when the devils threaten to kill Luke in Polca Village. He is strong when he joins, hitting 14-15 damage every attack. Raise him, and he'll be promoted to WFBN(Wolf Baron) and will have an even better attack. Plus, he doesn't use weapons! I replaced him after awhile, because his attack went down a little bit. Raise him, and he'll come in handy!

Luke - After you beat the battle in which Gerhalt joins, you recieve a raft, and that's when Luke joins your force. He is not a strong character to begin with(or end with), but raise his levels anyway because (now) you need as much help as you can get. I recommend putting him in the Caravan after you choose one of the four characters at Creed's Mansion.

Rodhe - If you bring Rodhe the Achilles Sword, he'll follow you in the Caravan(once you get it) until you destroy the rocks blocking the North Cave. He'll then join you as a BRGN(Brass Gunner). I don't like BRGN's because they can't move very far, and fall behind in the battle. Thier high attack range might please you, but they aren't as good as they seem. I put Rohde in the Caravan as soon as he joined. I recommend you promote both Elric and Janet to SNIP(Sniper) instead of using the Silver Cannon to make them a BRGN. Take Rohde out, and if no one else can go in, leave Rohde out anyway.

Rick - After defeating Taros, if you return to Hassan, you'll find Rick by the gate and he'll join you. Though early on he isn't as good as Chester, if you raise him and give him a lance(for some reason, he works better this way), he'll get pretty good. I didn't take him out until I beat Cameela, but if you like Centuars than he is for you. I recommend taking him out as soon as he falls behind, or if he is defeated a lot.

Elric - Oddler hears something nearby on your way to Creed's Mansion, and you find Elric floating in a pond. After a battle, he joins you. ACHR's are extremely helpful if you give them a strong weapon, and can be a good addition to your force if you play your cards right. With one simple mistake Elric can fall behind a LOT. As soon as you get him, go buy a Robin Arrow for him or he will far so far behind he'll have to be taken out. Do this, though, and Elric gets pretty good.

Eric - After visiting Creed and are about to leave, he gives you a choice of four characters to choose from to join your force. Eric is one of them. Though you can eventually get them all, I don't recommend choosing Eric because you have enough Paladins and Knights and are going to get more anyway. If you must choose him(which I never have, I played my friends game and HE chose him) I'd get rid of him soon after you get through North Cave. You'll get Higins there anyway. He's a centaur, so he has pretty good Attack, low defense, medium agility, and no magic.

Karna - Another choice to choose from after meeting Creed. Everyone thinks she is the best, and yes, she probably is, I would choose Tyrin because of his HUGE ability when it comes to magic. She is very good when promoted to a MMNK, but I would promote Sarah to a MMNK(unless you couldn't raise her well enough, and she is in the Caravan). Keep her in battle for as long as possible, and HEAL everyone when needed. She also learns Blast.

Randolf - Another choice to choose from after meeting Creed. Not my personal favorite, Randolf is a WARR and can be promoted to a BRN or a GLDT. If you choose him, promote him to GLDT(Gladiator) so you can use the Warrior Pride on Jaha. Again, you should not choose Randolf or Eric, but Karna or Tyrin instead.

(Tip- If your force seems to lose a lot, or people die all the time, choose Karna because she can heal them. Otherwise, choose Tyrin.)

Tyrin - The best choice other than Karna at Creed's Mansion. He is my favorite because later on in the game he learns some pretty powerful spells, like BOLT(Level 2) and FREEZE(Level 4). Read the tip under 'Randolf' to pick a character. I chose Tyrin and he proved VERY useful throughout the game. Promote him to a WIZ(Wizard) instead of a SORC, so Kazin can use the Secret Book. Tyrin is excellent as a WIZ though, and should be used at the same level as Kazin! Low attack, low defense, average speed, LOTS of magic.

Janet - Looking for her love Elric, Janet joins when she learns he's with you in New Granseal, after the King tells you to go to North Parmecia. Janet is another ACHR and can be promoted to a SNIP or a BRGN. Promote her to either one, raise her until you get to Higins' hometown, than put her in the Caravan. There. Simple as that.

Higins - As soon as you arrive at North Parmecia and leave Ketto, you see a Greater Devil named Geshp taunting a few horsemen. Geshp tries to kill Higins so Higins can become a leader of the Devil Army, but you stop him, and after a battle, Higins joins. He's yet ANOTHER PLDN and yes, raise him. He's already promoted to a PLDN, so you can't make him a PGNT. I kept him throughout the game, and towards the end, the Evil Lance works very well with him. He's pretty good, with high attack, low defense, average agility, and no magic.

Taya - After rescuing Mitula, go to the left and try to talk to the statue there. Taya then joins. She is a SORC and has only DAO(Level 1), and unless you promoted Kazin to a SORC, I would keep her in. Kazin learns SORC attacks faster, and is much more powerful. I used her for one fight then whisked her off into the Caravan.

Skreech - In Bedoe, a mother tells you her baby is sleeping on one of the cliffs. When you leave, go to the left, withought leaving Bedoe all the way, and stand between 3 bushes. A young bird will fall on you. Leave Bedoe. Later in the game, in Mitula's hometown, after rescuing Mitula, a grown-up Skreech will join you. He is OK, and, like Luke, I took him out after a few battles. I guess BDBT's aren't that good.

Frayja - After returning to Higins' hometown, you'll find Frayja in the castle with the gate key to Moun. He'll follow you, and after a fewbattles, you'll arrive at Moun. He'll join you just before a battle there. I would take him out right after that, and if you're still in desperate need of a healer, wait until you get Sheela after two more battles.

Jaro - On your way to Moun, there is a battle in which you fight a Pegasus Knight, "Jar". In the midst of the battle, Jaro joins you. A great addition to the force, Jaro will prove helpful as his flying ability and spear/lance using ability help you a great deal. I also used Jaro until Zeon, never taking him out since.

Gyan - After you rescue Moun, and go into the basement, you will find Gyan down there, and he will join you. A pretty good GLDT, Gyan has a high attack. But, he falls behind in battles because his MOV(Moveability) is low. I kept him until I fought Red Baron, then put him in the Caravan.

Sheela - When the Nazca ship crash-lands on Grans Island, go west and you will find a small house. Enter it, and you must go through the trees to a waterfall. A naked Sheela will be there, and she will put on some clothes and join you. A MMNK, she is good at healing and has a high attack. Her level is a little low, though, so I took her out. And, oh yeah, you can't see anything when she jumps out of the waterfall.

Zynk - After witnessing Petro die in a city southwest of the Nazca crash, Zynk decides to join you. He is a good fighter, has a high attack, and has a laser(I've never seen it, so it has to be rare)! Give him the Running Ring or a Running Pimento because he falls behind. Otherwise, Zynk is a great addition to your force!

Claude - Retrieve the Arm of Golem from Moun and head to the Underground tunnel. On the Parmecia side, you'll find a unmoving Golem between some posts. Give him the Arm, and he'll join. Two words: FALLS BEHIND. Don't waste a Running Pimento on him, because he's not very good anyway. Rescue him, and put him in the Caravan.

Chaz - Chaz joins after you play the piano in Yeel and go to the church. He is the son of Hawel, and is a WIZ with BLAZE(Level 2) and FREEZE(Level 2). Though his magic powers are weak to begin with, give him 100 EXP Points and he'll learn FREEZE(Level 3)! I kept him in for Zeon, and he proved helpful to fight against those darn Pyrohydras. Keep him in, I did!

Lemon - After fighting Red Baron(which is Lemon), Lemon wants to kill himself as a punishment for all the people he killed. After Chaz joins in Yeel(or when you arrive at the Devil's Head Statue), Lemon will join you. He comes only with the Dark Sword, so unless you want him cursed, get him a better sword. I kept him in until Zeon, since there is only three battles after he joins you.

That's all 30 characters! I hope my Character Guide helped you! Soon, I'll make that Hero Stats page I've been promising you.