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Schrader Environmental Services, Inc.   

Used Catalytic and Thermal Oxidizers 
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Schrader Environmental has the largest supply of in-stock used and rental catalytic and thermal oxidizers used for remediation in the United States.  

  • Rental rates of oxidizers depend on type of equipment and length of rental term.
  • to own arrangements are also available.
  • Startup services provided by SES technicians are recommended.
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Global Technologies Model 1.  Rated at 175 CFM. 3 pen chart recorder. Propane/natural gas.  Integrated SVE blower with 5 HP motor. Second Global non-integrated Model 1 with a 2 HP fan.

Global Remedicat Model 2.5   250 CFM unit with 7.5 HP regenerative blower.  6' stainless stack extension available. Also Global Model 2.5 Thermal/Catalytic unit will be available by Sept. 15, 2003. Currently rented until June 2004. 

Global Technologies Model 5.0 RemediCat oxidizer.  Skid-mounted with 5 HP regenerative blower.  Rated for 500 SCFM.  Originally purchased early 1997 and taken out of service late 1997.  Available with 2-3 weeks notice.OX-15.) 

Global Model 7 Remedicat.   Oxidizer capable of processing up to 750 SCFM and provide 95% DRE.   Unit includes a 50% effective shell and tube heat exchanger with manual bypass. Unit was put in operation in 1998  and operated until 1999.  3 HP fan and is set up for 460 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 HZ operation. Site power requirements can be met but will require a price adder for parts or modifications.  

Two Global Model 10  1000 CFM units at 95% DRE.  50% efficient heat exchanger.  Operated for approximately 1 year.  10 HP fans on each .  

Global Technologies Model 5.0 Dual Integrated Therm-Cat.  Rated for 500 SCFM.  Natural gas or propane powered. Operating temperatures 550-1500 F.  Trailer-mounted system.  Excellent condition. 

Global Chlorocat Model 5 catalytic oxidizer and integrated scrubber package.  500 CFM.  Built in 2000 and ran for about one year.  Free-standing 20' stack. Excellent condition.  More details forthcoming. You cannot find these for rent usually. 

Thermtech 250 catalytic oxidizer.  250 CFM.  Honeywell 3-pin chart recorder.  

Located in New Jersey.    Thermtech VAC-25 250 CFM thermal/catalytic unit in good shape with 10' stack extension. 

ThermTech  Model VAC75 750 CFM  thermal oxidizer with catalyst port and catalyst. Flame arrester, auto-dilution. Safety circuitry includes airflow sensor, temperature sensor, and LEL sensor. All Class I Division I explosion-proof motors.   Built in 2000.  Ran for only 45 days.  This is an excellent unit!  Hour meter says 1242 hours! Available for immediate rental.

Thermtech Model VAC100.  1000 CFM oxidizer.  Trailer-mounted.

Catalytic Combustion 500 Chlorinated/Fluorinateds Catalytic oxidizer.  Complete with scrubber system. 500 CFM system.  

2000 CFM Catalytic Oxidizer/Scubber System for Chlorinateds:  Catalytic Combustion Model HD-SRCO-2000G   Includes 60HP VE Blower, KO Tank, 99% HCl Scrubber. 

Airex Katox 100 CFM unit.  230V single-phase. Heat exchanger. Roots URAI 33 blower. Controls package. 

Two - Falco 300 Electric Catalytic Oxidizers and a Falco 100 CFM catox    The falco 300 units are rated for 300 CFM. One unit has an integrated 10 HP blower package, skid mounted with little wheels for moving it around the site (see the picture at right).  .  The other Falco 300 is also rated at 300 CFM but has no blower package (and no wheels)..  Also a Falco 100 integrated unit with blower package is now available for immediate rental or purchase.

5 oxidizer units which range from 100-300 CFM.  Catalytic oxidizers with heat exchangers.  Skid-mounted systems.  AS-is prices from $15k and up.    FOB: Michigan. 

400 CFM Thermal Oxidizers and controls.  Complete skid-mounted systems. For high concentration applications.  1500F operating temperature. 

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