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In the year 2098, a series of events occured on the planet Earth. Some of the events were greatly anticipated, but many were a surprise in the way they occurred. Beyond the reaches of the most powerful sensors on Earth, an alien force arrived to conquer the inhabitants of the Earth. A race known as the Invid, lead by a diabolic entity that was fueled by revenge, anger, and hatred. The Invid Regent, king to those he commands in the structure of insect hives; moves his forces into the asteroid belt just beyond the planet Mars. As he gazes upon the unsuspecting planet Earth, his scouts make an approach toward the planet. With a fleet of space stations and warships, the Regent is confident that his annihilation attack will succeed.

Invid Invid_Sergeant_and_a_MK_VI_Magnum_battle_in_space N.D.F.

On Earth, the governments of the New World have finally achieved a peace treaty to settle territory disputes. Recent uprisings of rebels and rogues have coincided with opposing governments to change debatable laws and tariffs. These third world countries are prime targets for the beginning of the Regents annihilation plan. However, a well-organized military has arose in the Western Hemisphere. An army large enough to put up a small resistance against his forces, but why should that concern him? After all, they're only humans and those pitiful Zentraedi!

WARNING! All materials and art are copyright (C) 1998-1999 Nathaniel A Rose. No artwork or material may be written or published without the written and signed concent of me, the creator! Robotech (R) and the Invid (TM)are Copyright (C) 1985 Harmony Gold U.S.A. The Palladium name and system is Copyright (C) whatever their respective years are, Kevin Siembieda.

Note: This site has been created due to my inpatience with Palladium to even look at the manuscript that I have submitted to them. But hey, wouldn't you want others to read the greatest idea you've ever come up with?
-Nate Rose

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