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The First Erik Estrada Fan Page

Hey everyone!!! Welcome to the First Erik-Michael Estrada Fan Page. This page isn't much right now as there's not much info out there on Erik and I also have no experience what so ever on web-page making. But it can't be that hard right?

Anywayz, what I'd really like everyone to do is email me your thoughts on O-Town and Erik in particular (like what attracted you to Erik what you like about him and your feelings about the show and him) then I'm going to make a page with everyones thoughts on him (Thanx to Sara Above for this idea) Well everyone email me your thoughts on Erik and any info on him you might have or comments on how to improve my page. Thanx Rachael

*Updated* June 16,00

Added a picture and Erik Links and Clubs

School has ended and I'm going to start really working on this page. My fan fic will be up in about 2-3 weeks...And actually I'll be working on it while I'm a camp which I leave for tonight which means no updates for 2 wks :(....But I'll hve some big ones when I come back. Promise...Just keep watching Making the Band and have a great summer. :)

Erik's Bio
Episode Reviews
Erik-Michael pix
OTown Links
Erik Links and Clubs
My Erik Estrada Yahoo Club

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