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Our Visiting Virtual Mascots

Sasha Squirrel is the Mascot of the Stepney District Brownies in London
Snowball is the mascot of the Greendale Brownies, she is visiting us from Quebec in Canada. She is called Snowball because she is soft and fluffy.
She is going to be joining in all our Brownie activities and hopefully the Brownies might even have saved her some Easter Eggs! To visit her friends at Greendale Brownies click on the button below
Kathy Koala is one of the Internet Mascots belonging to Guides Australia. She represents Queensland as their fauna emblem is the koala. She is a member of the Tintookies Patrol. Her favourite food is Eucalyptus trees, she likes to sleep in trees and spend 18 hours a day sleeping, wedged in the crook of a eucalyptus tree. Click on the button below to find out more about Guides Australia.